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Kris Benson Featured in VoyageATL

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Recently, Voyage ATL featured an interview with Kris Benson, the owner of Superior Business Management and Superior Tax Solutions. Kris describes what lead his transition from playing major league baseball at the highest level to starting his own business from the ground up. Learn more about Kris’s journey, what makes Superior unique, and what he had to say about business trends in Atlanta and what you can expect to see in the future.

Check out the interview here:

Partnership Announced Between Actor Brandon T. Jackson & Producer/Filmmaker Sinatra Osm

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ATLANTA – Sept. 5, 2017 – PRLog — Executive producer, writer, actor, and comedian, Brandon T. Jackson, has joined forces with multi-talented executive producer, writer, director, actor, composer Sinatra Onyewuchi (pseudonym Sinatra Osm), to form Verily Creative, a new production company in Atlanta, GA, that will produce wholesome faith-based content. “We’ve got films, TV series, cartoons and documentaries lined up that have the same heartbeat; that’s Faith in God,” says Osm.

Jackson, known for films such as “Tropic Thunder”, “Lottery Ticket” and “Roll Bounce”, is represented by United Talent Agency – who also represents Johnny Depp, T.I., Joel and Ethan Coen, amongst others.  Appearing in over 27 Hollywood films grossing over $460 million dollars worldwide, Jackson is probably best known for his co-starring role as Grover Underwood in the International blockbuster series “Percy Jackson & the Olympians”.

Jackson’s manager, Mark Adkins, has managed comedians such as Sinbad and has produced several tours, festivals and award-winning HBO specials.  He felt confident about the partnership stating, “I’m excited to witness these two talented artists combine their passion and vision to create truly inspirational work.”12662590-sinatra-osm-brandon-jackson-photo-credit-luke-renfrow

The partnership will prove to be a good start to a long-lasting relationship. “Sinatra is a rare gem in the industry, and his meek spirit is a real breath of fresh air.  His behind the scenes knowledge from the inception of ideas, music composition, directing and even on-camera work is phenomenal. His sound mixing is out of this world, like it’s from the seventh dimension,” Jackson stated.  Osm returned the praise adding, “Brandon’s work speaks for itself, but it’s his genuine Spirit and shared love for Truth that compels us to make this happen.  I’ve shunned away multiple opportunities in the business over the years because they didn’t rightly line up with God’s word. Working as brothers in the Faith empowers us to create impactful stories for the world to behold with clear conscience.”

“With all the craziness and attacks our current world is facing, we want to bring inspiration, love, and truth to the masses through film,” Jackson shared.  “My dad is pastor and owner of Impact Network, which broadcasts in over 85 million homes. You can imagine the impact combining forces will have,” said Jackson.  Jackson’s Father, Wayne T. Jackson, delivered the benediction at President Trump’s Inauguration in 2017.

In 2009, Osm starred as Sunny Bridges in “Class of 3000 LIVE!” at the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta, where Andre Benjamin, hand-selected him to star.  Since then, he has taught acting, voice, and music production under his faith-based company, The OSM Studios of Works, LLC.  Students have been featured on Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, and Tyler Perry Studios, to name a few.

Sinatra’s manager, Tony Smalls III, CPA, CGMA, COO and Managing Director at Superior Business Management, Inc., alongside Founder and CEO, 1996 #1 overall MLB draft pick, South Carolina Athletic Hall of Famer, and Bronze Medal Olympian Kris Benson, felt great about the overall outcome of the partnership. “This is extremely hard to find; two powerhouse creatives who agree on virtually everything.”

Superior Business Management, Inc., has made an impact for itself in the rising Atlanta film economy as business managers for Atlanta’s elite production companies who have produced hit TV shows, Super Bowl commercials, and major motion pictures.

Smalls, aka ‘Tony 3000’, has had a long working relationship with Atlanta’s Grammy Award-winning Hip-Hop supergroup Outkast. When he signed Sinatra as a faith-based producer and content creator, Smalls had this to say about his new signee, “One thing about Outkast is they were neither going to be told what to do, nor how to do it by anyone, ever. They were two unapologetically creative individuals, who came together to create a now iconic brand that is bigger than the both of them are individually. I saw the same unapologetic creative intentions in Sinatra. This partnership has exponentially enhanced what he and Jackson can do in this arena together.  It’s truly a blessing.”

The faith-based market has been growing quickly with movies such as, Sandra Bullock’s “The Blind Side,” grossing over $255 million worldwide. What the Kendrick Brothers were able to do with “War Room,” in 2015, grossing over $65million with a $3 million dollar budget, proves there is still a serious market for family friendly feel-good movies about Faith. What Kevin Sorbo was able to do with “God’s Not Dead,” is yet another example of the growing interest in movies that inspire hope and redemption.  It broke away with over $60 million in box office sales in 2014. Verily Creative plans on filling the void within the Urban Black and Latino demographic by bringing a fresh perspective for the 18-35 year-old market.

“We doubt people will call our films corny or preachy because they’re based on genuine experiences that our community face, and they offer real solutions to the problems we still struggle with,” Osm said.  “Actors and executives read our scripts and don’t even see the faith-based through line in them. This indicates to us that we’re doing something right. It’s subtle and gently placed.”

Currently, Verily Creative is in the process of producing several projects in Atlanta, where they will be taking full advantage of the tax incentives offered in Georgia.

The Superior Team Aims For Superior Quality

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Cobb Business Journal  –  In 1996, Kris Benson was the No. 1 overall pick in the Major League Baseball amateur draft. While pitching at Clemson University, Benson was awarded College Baseball’s Player of the Year, ACC Male Athlete of the Year and the Dick Howser Trophy for his performance, character, leadership and courage. He also represented Team USA in the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, winning bronze.
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When Pro Athletes Become Financial Advisers

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Former players channel their drive into making money for their clients, many of whom are athletes themselves.

College and professional athletes may be clients financial advisers love to get, but many also find good homes on the other side of the desk.

Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company, for example, is discovering that its three-year, $1.5 million sponsorship, through 2017, of the Collegiate Rugby Championship, is not only getting the company’s name out there, but is bringing in some enthusiastic new hires.

Erin Sinclair, who played rugby at the University of Kansas, started with Penn Mutual about two months ago. Sinclair brings the same passion for rugby to tackling insurance sales.

“Rugby players are used to performing under pressure; we’re very driven,” Sinclair said. “All athletes are driven.”

Attracting athletes to the ranks also has other benefits. As advisers, they can tap into their network of former and current players. Having a former high-level athlete on board also telegraphs to clients that the firm understands the needs of players and is reputable.

Another former athlete with Penn Mutual, Adam Paoli, joined soon after he graduated from Northwestern University, where he played football all four years despite five knee surgeries. Paoli said his persistence gave him the discipline and faith to keep going as an adviser, even in the early years.

“That competitive spirit doesn’t die in you,” Paoli said.

Jon Rotter, co-founder of Penn Mutual’s The Heartland Group, in Chicago, recruited Adam.

Athletes, he said, are used to being coached so they take direction well and their competitive spirit means they are self starters who do not need their hands held every step of the way.

“We look for people who possess the traits that we can’t train,” Rotter said.

Patricia Bates, regional president for the Mid-America market with Wells Fargo, agrees. “Whether it’s at the Division I college, or professional level, they have that drive, and that translates very well in our business,” she said.

Marc Wilkins, a financial adviser with Wells Fargo, says his experiences as a former professional baseball player with the Pittsburgh Pirates are “priceless” when it comes to attracting other players.

“When I sit down with a baseball player, major or minor, they usually know about my background. It offers instant credibility,” he said.

Wilkins was a year away from a multi-year contract with the Pirates when a shoulder injury ended his pitching career.

Since he came up through the minors, and lived on $450 a month with three roommates in the beginning, Wilkins learned to be careful with money.

The experience gave Wilkins a real appreciation for the transient nature of cash and the time value of money, he said. As an adviser, it has stoked a desire to instill good financial habits in his clients, including among fellow athletes.

Wilkins provides athlete clients with customized budget spreadsheets that include items such as clubhouse dues and frequent travel. He also reminds them that it’s better to tuck away money in an IRA than spend it on Dom Perignon.

“I have an interest, and a passion, and especially an interest in helping this group of people,” Wilkins said.


Jack Johnson & Ryan Howard Face Financial Calamity due to Family & Friends

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Professional Athletes & Entertainers Encounter This More Than You Think

By Kris Benson, September 29, 2014

In a recent article, two very good and talented professional athletes had their stories go public. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the type of articles you like to read about. It’s not as if it’s something new that we haven’t heard before, but it makes you shake your head all the same. For Jack Johnson and Ryan Howard, making millions brought millions of headaches, in the form of some serious family turmoil.  Read More