A career in the entertainment industry can have it’s pros and cons, ups and downs.  Life on the road can be tough.  There are distractions at every turn.  Life in the limelight can be tremendously overwhelming and rewarding.

As a whole, it’s a very demanding profession that demands ongoing positive results.  Fortunately for most, there is an established team in place that can assist in handling certain responsibilities so you can enjoy and do what you do best.  Your manager, agent, and advisory group, do all they can to put you in the right position, or they should, and each one of these quality team members has a very defined role.  It is no different when you bring a business manager on board, such as those available to work for you at SBM.  Our clients consist of artists, music management firms, artist managers, film and music producers, directors, writers, and production companies.

Our role is to work together with your existing team, not to replace them – simply make that team better and more efficient.  A business manager is an extremely important piece to your overall success in the workplace and beyond.  We work extremely close with your team to make sure that nothing goes unnoticed along the way.

Our work involves handling your:

  • Daily financial needs and requests
  • Tour Accounting and Tax Services
  • Royalty Review, Tracking and Reporting
  • Financial Strategies and Planning
  • Monitoring of Insurance
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll management
  • Domestic & international tax services
  • Cash flow management services

Additional service offerings listed on ourbusiness management services page that specifically pertain to you.