The Superior Team Aims For Superior Quality

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Cobb Business Journal  –  In 1996, Kris Benson was the No. 1 overall pick in the Major League Baseball amateur draft. While pitching at Clemson University, Benson was awarded College Baseball’s Player of the Year, ACC Male Athlete of the Year and the Dick Howser Trophy for his performance, character, leadership and courage. He also represented Team USA in the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, winning bronze.

Though he hung up his cleats after the 2010 season — and 13 years in the major leagues — Benson now spends his days pitching prospective clients on his boutique business management firm, Superior Business Management Inc.

“I really set my sites on opening my own business after I had shoulder surgery in 2007,” Benson said. “I had already made up my mind I wanted to get into this space because I was a business management client for 15 years.”

After he retired, Benson went to work as a consultant for the New York-based firm where he was a client.

“I knew what it was like from the client perspective, but I wasn’t up to speed on the back office portion of the business, and that was a good opportunity to get that experience,” he said.

Benson spent two years managing the day-to-day business affairs of his clients and learned all of the accounting software before striking out on his own.

“I’ve always considered Atlanta home, even though I played all over the country,” said the Sprayberry High School grad. “I was blessed with a good arm, but it wasn’t easy starting my own company. I probably put twice as much work into this as baseball.”

With an office on Galleria Parkway and five employees, Superior Business Management offers tax, business management, forensic accounting and international accounting services to high-net worth individuals, business professionals, professional athletes and entertainers.

“One of the misconceptions about what I do now is that I cater to athletes, but I just have a couple of clients who are athletes,” Benson said. “Most of our clients are small business owners; we’re heavily into the small business and entertainment world.”

Benson opened Superior Business Management in January 2014 with one client. Today the company boasts a 16-client roster and expansion plans are already under way.

“We’re actually looking to expand our offerings,” he said. “We’re going to start a new company, Superior Tax Solutions. A lot of large CPA (certified public accountant) firms build their business around the tax services and then dabble in business management. We’re perfecting business management and bringing in the tax component, which is a more productive way of doing it, I think.”

And Benson’s plans don’t stop at offering more services. He plans to open an office in Los Angeles someday.

“I want this to be as large and big as we can take it without losing the customer service and attention to our clients we have now,” he said. “My goal is for Superior Business Management to be a trusted source for all of our clients daily financial needs. We’re here to help clients make the right decisions with their money; we want you to have money forever until you don’t need it anymore.”